Exhibition Pavilion in the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw

/ 2nd prize in the international competition
/ October, 2013

WXCA – Szczepan Wroński, Marta Sękulska- Wrońska

Anna Dobek, Michał Czerwiński,
Marcin Bieńka, Małgorzata Dembowska, Piotr Łosek

On the 14th of november 2013 the results of an international architectural competition for the design of a Twenty-First-Century Garden with an Exhibition Pavilion were announced. The competition was held under the auspices of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and the Minister of the Environment.

The following design was awarded a II prize.

The subject of the competition was a new 21st century garden and exhibition pavilion design as part of revitalization of an undeveloped area of 2,5 ha in the Royal Łazienki Park. The whole enterprise aims in bringing new cultural life to the historic gardens.


The garden is designed in a way that questions the concept of natural and artificial, built and native landscape. It reveals the inseparability of culture and nature. Natural elements mingle with human made objects.

Open, continuous, accessible space enables direct interactions between visitors and nature, it allows to observe, experience and revise our understanding of human-nature interdependence. Gravel filters water, built mass worms up and radiate heat, certain species of plants attract animals or create fog.

Multiple interpretation qualities enable variety of use of the inside and outside space for activities related to art, recreation and ecological education.
Garden of the 21st century is a space inspiring reflection on the coexistence of human and nature.

This reflection is a key to understanding human actions in urbanized world, culture as a part of ecosystem, of the environment that we constantly transform.