Hyperstructure/ experimental project

/ student project, Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology
/ May, 2012

Małgorzata Dembowska, Katarzyna Pankowska

InCity is a an experimantal project worked out during the master course at Faculty of Architecture in Warsaw.

The idea was to create a city within a city, where the City of Science is put into the regular urban tissue.

All the functions typical for the city and facilities for science were put together in a one structure that consists of two parallel zones – The Upper City and Lower City. The Upper City is a layer of greenery, that covers all of the built surface – it is filled with a carpet of single-family, atrial houses and facilities for recreation. It enables walking throughout the city in a natural landscape.

The Lower City is designed as a traditional, urban structure with alleys and squares located on the level of the ground.

The goal of the project was to create a self-sufficient city, where the space of daily life penetrates the space of effective work and makes them possible to coexist in one hyperstructure.